Maxpedition FR-1 Combat / Medical Pouch Review

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The Maxpedition FR-1 was designed as a first-aid pouch but is very versatile and has other uses. Other people use this organizer as either a an outdoor survival kit or a EDC (every day carry) general gear organizer. I chose to use my FR-1 as a first aid pouch and keep it strapped onto the side of my main pack.

Maxpedition FR-1 Combat / Medical Pouch Features: maxpedition FR-1 Combat / Medical Pouch Maxpedition FR-1

As any usual product out of Maxpedition's lineup the FR-1 is extremely durable. Constructed out of 1000-Denier military grade ballistic nylon fabric, YKK zippers and tracks, reinforced stress points, paracord zipper pulls, high tensile composite nylon thread. The FR-1 is also triple polyurethane coated and has Teflon fabric protection, this pouch is very durable and well constructed!

I am able to carry everything I need in this small pouch and can handle minor to fairly serious injuries with the contents. I used to carry a pre-made medikit but recently I have been switching over to custom kits. When it comes to safety and first-aid kits quality cannot be compromised.

The clamshell opening design offers quick access to all your gear inside. A very innovative feature is the paracord adjusters that can control how wide the pouch opens. Adjusting the paracord up to the right length will ensure you don't have loose gear flying around when you open your kit. I like how the clamshell design allows quick access to everything inside. Many people including myself use their Maxpedition FR-1 as a medical pack and quickly getting access to what you need is very important.

Modular webbing makes it easy to attach the FR-1 first-aid kit to your main pack. In my experience this feature is worth its weight in gold. It means you don't have to keep your FR-1 inside your main pack you have the option of securely strapping it to the outside which allows easier access and also means more space inside your pack.

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Maxpedition FR-1 Combat / Medical Pouch.

Manufacturer: Maxpedition
Category: First Aid Pack/Organizer
Carry Handle: Yes
Storage Capacity: Very Good
Material: Military Grade Ballistic Nylon
Coating: Dupont Teflon Stain Resist
Zippers: YKK #10
Price: 35-40$ USD
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 - Amazing!

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