Beginners Guide to Setting Rabbit Snares

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If ever stranded in the wild with no food you have a high chance of catching some dinner if you know how to set snares. These traps will keep hunting for you while you are collecting firewood, starting a fire, building a shelter or even while sleeping. Thats the beauty of trapping; you simply set the trap then check up on it every few hours.

There are many different snares but rabbit snares in particular are very well suited to a wilderness survival situation. They are perfect size to land not only rabbits but many other kinds of small game as well. Typically the larger the animal the more difficult it is to trap, that being said lets stick with whats simple and has a high chance of working.

Be sure to check your traps every few hours. Leaving snares unchecked for days at a time will cause unnecessary suffering to the animal that has been caught.

How To Craft a Rabbit Snare:

Snare Placement is Very Important:

Check On Your Snares Regularly:

If you occasionally practice snaring to get some experience you will be a great trapper in no time! Huge thanks goes out to veteran outdoorsman Northernpike56 for allowing usage of his trapping videos. Be sure to drop him a friendly comment and subscribe to his youtube channel!

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