Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight Review

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The Streamlight Stylus Pro is one of the worlds most powerful and durable LED penlights. The high flux LED is boosted by micro optical systems; in layman's terms this new technology boosts the power coming from the batteries and by doing so provides a very strong beam of light. It also works to maintain battery life and ensure consistent lighting strength.

Streamlight Stylus Pro Features: streamlight stylus pro flashlight streamlight stylus pro flashlight

I have taken this stylus on two kayaking trips and also brought it when I went camping. The kayaking trips took place in Pine Ridge Ontario, when our team finally got our gear unpacked it was starting to get dark. We went for a quick run and I got to try the Stylus Pro for the first time. I was glad to see that it really is water resistant, a few times the entire flashlight got submerged underwater and kept on working perfectly which is pretty cool. I had the light secured by lanyard to my life jacket and was mainly using it as a spotlight to try and scout for rocks ahead of our team.

When I took the Stylus Pro camping I used it as a general flashlight. The light output is very impressive for such a small tool. The high flux LED has an incredible 30,000 hour (3 year) life span. This means you never need to change the bulb which is a huge plus.

While camping I decided to do an abuse test after a few of my friends told me the Stylus Pro is unbreakable, I was eager to prove them wrong. I started off by dropping the light from about 6 feet directly onto a rock 4-5 times. Surprisingly it still turned on. Next I decided to submerge the stylus in a stream of water for 25 minutes and it is was STILL perfectly functional. At this point I decided to step it up a notch, I did an extreme pressure test by running the Stylus Pro over with my 4x4 pickup! I let the weight of the truck rest on the flashlight for a couple of minutes and it somehow survived that test as well! In the future I may do a video abuse test of the Stylus Pro to see just how much more it can take.

Admittedly I'm kind of a gear junkie and own quite a few different flashlights including a high end Maglite. Since I got the Stylus Pro I haven't used or purchased any other light. It really is that good! In my opinion Streamlight Stylus Pro is the best penlight on the market and is very affordably priced which is a bonus.

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Manufacturer: Streamlight
Category: Flashlight
Length: 5.3"
Bulb Type: High Flux LED 0.5w
Weight (with batteries): 1.64oz
Body Composition: Anodized Aluminum Body
Battery Life: 7.5 Hours
Battery Type: 2x AAA
Price: 20-25$ USD
Clip: Pocket Clip
Overall Rating: 5/5 - Perfect Score!

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