Special Forces Wilderness Survival Guide

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The staff at SurvivalGrounds.com have been working hard to bring you the most informative wilderness survival articles on the Internet. We appreciate all the support and good feedback we have received. It is with great pleasure we would like to offer our readers a free gift; a Special forces Wilderness Survival eBook that now is free to download.

This eBook was written for military personnel, it is jam-packed with 236 pages of valid, top quality information!


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Psychology of Survival
Chapter 3 - Survival Planning & Survival Kits
Chapter 4 - Basic Survival Medicine
Chapter 5 - Shelters
Chapter 6 - Water Procurement
Chapter 7 - Firecraft
Chapter 8 - Food Procurement
Chapter 9 - Survival Use of Plants
Chapter 10 - Poisonous Plants
Chapter 11 - Dangerous Animals
Chapter 12 - Field-Expedient Weapons
Chapter 13 - Desert Survival
Chapter 14 - Tropical Survival
Chapter 15 - Cold Weather Survival
Chapter 16 - Sea Survival
Chapter 17 - Expedient Water Crossings
Chapter 18 - Field-Expedient Direction Finding
Chapter 19 - Signaling Techniques
Chapter 20 - Survival Movement in Hostile Areas
Chapter 21 - Camouflage
Chapter 22 - Contact With People
Chapter 23 - Survival in Man-Made Hazzards


As you can see by the table of contents this is book offers an in depth look into the world of wilderness survival. This is a great resource for any outdoor enthusiast!

Right click the link below and choose save file/link as:

Wilderness Survival Guide - US Army Edition


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