How To Build a Custom Survival Kit

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Putting together your own survival kit doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Follow the advice given in this article and you will be able to put together a high quality kit that is better than anything they sell in stores at a fraction of the price!

Why Bring a Survival Kit?

If you ever find yourself stranded in the wilderness you should be able to rely on your survival kit. This small kit should be packed full of only the most useful survival aids that will help you stay alive and well until your rescue arrives.

Even if you lose your backpack and all your main equipment your survival kit should provide you the resources to survive. The majority of survival situations are resolved within 72 hours but you should be ready to survival for weeks on the contents of your kit.

Survival Kits - Custom vs. Store-bought:

If put together properly a custom survival kit is much better than the commercial store-bought variety. Only you know what environment you are venturing into, with this knowledge you should be able to decide what items are useful and which are needlessly weighing you down. Generic survival kits usually include impractical items you don't need, most of the time these kits are also made up of inferior quality products and have a high chance of failing you when you need them the most.

Many Choices, Limited Space:

Take some time to review the list below. Choose only the most crucial contents that will help to ensure your survival. You will ideally want items from each of the main aspects of survival: fire starters, food, water purification, shelter, signals, first aid, navigation and general tools. Remember that your survival kit needs to be kept as small as possible.

What Container Makes the Best Custom Kit:

When selecting your container make sure it is compact, easily visible, lightweight, waterproof and extremely strong. Your container will have to be comfortable because you will need to have it on you for long periods of time, make sure it can be stored snugly on your person with little space to move around.

Some survivalists turn a small mint tin into their survival kit, this container is not bad but it only offers a very limited amount of storage space. This type of kit can offer a false sense of security to an inexperienced outdoorsman. Remember that smaller is definitely better unless you can't fit something important.

Keep an eye out for the perfect container. I personally use a 6'' x 3'' x 2'' snap lock airtight case which I bought off eBay and made some modifications to it to best suit my needs.

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